Hugo Leclercq

Madeon And Passion Pit's New Video Looks Like A Giant Game Of Tetris

The French producer takes on an adventure with his latest visual.

If you remember your mythology, the story of Icarus tells of a boy and his father who attempted to escape the ancient Greek city of Crete with a pair of wings they had constructed. Against his father's warnings, Icarus flew too close to the sun, melting the wax that held his feathers together, and sending him plummeting into the sea. Sad news for Icarus, sure, but on the plus side, it's given us a couple thousand years worth of metaphors about the dangers of hubris to work through collectively, not to mention an endless supply of musical and literary references, like this new video from Madeon and Passion Pit.

In the clip, taken from the French producer's upcoming Adventure, a young man named Icarus (also the title of one of Madeon's previous tracks), and a girl named Asteria (another mythological character who flung herself into the sea), are trapped inside of a desolate, futuristic cityscape, their efforts to get inside of a monolithic building only resulting in a magical dispersion of glowing geometric shapes that look sort of like the biggest game of Tetris ever played.

Like Icarus, and his father, who happened to have designed the mythological labyrinth, the duo plot an escape -- this time by mapping out an underground passage that leads them beyond the walls of the city and on to... success! Or is it? In the distance, there's another towering building, and we're told the story will be continued.

“She asked me how I got here, I told her I don't know,” Michael Angelakos sings.

It takes partnership and planning to pull off any caper like this, something that the 20-year-old Madeon is likely familiar with by now. Aside from Passion Pit, whose new Kindred is out in April, he's been working with a who's who of talent in the making of his record including, Foster The People's Mark Foster, Bastille's Dan Smith, and Jimmy Napes, one of Sam Smith's chief songwriters.

"The album is not really about dance music, so I was mostly interested in working with people outside of the dance world," he told Billboard recently. "I was lucky to work with some acts I've wanted to work with for years, but also new people I found out about recently. I wanted to sit down with other people and write songs. There was a human experience in making this that I never really experienced before working on my own music alone."