Bartenders Admit What They Really Think About Your Tinder Dates: Watch

Tip well ... it's the least you can do after making them cringe so hard.

Bartenders are kind of like priests: They pour you wine, listen to your embarrassing confessions and then claim it's not their job to judge you. But when it comes to some of your Tinder hookups, well, judgments are sorta inevitable. Now a bunch of New York bartenders are coming forward to reveal what goes through their minds while you meet up with a right swipe IRL:

We asked the video's director, Jon Sarlin of the Daily Share, how it all came together. "We called pretty much every bar in Brooklyn -- I'd say over 200," he told us. "Got these beautiful souls to come to Lowlands Bar in Park Slope."

But not everybody is happy about all these would-be romantic stories being made public.

"Reactions have varied, but I'm not too surprised how many people are incredibly sensitive about their first dates," Sarlin says. "I was fairly aware that people might react a little negatively to hearing their bartenders talk sh-- about their first dates, so I made sure to end on a high note."

Look on the bright side: No matter what your bartender thinks of you awkwardly flirting with your Tinder date, they're probably just happy you're not awkwardly trying to flirt with them.