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Robbie Amell Reveals If He's Bringing Firestorm To 'Arrow'

Is he going to set Starling City on fire?

With Reporting by Kase Wickman

Have you noticed how much Oliver Queen on "Arrow" and Firestorm on "The Flash" look alike? There's a reason for that! If you didn't already know, the two are played by real-life cousins Robbie and Stephen Amell — and while their characters exist in the same shared universe, don't expect them to share the screen any time soon… at least not in the way you expect.

During an interview with MTV News about his new movie "The DUFF," Robbie told us that pictures floating around of Firestorm and Arrow together are nothing more than a prank.

"I posted it to mess with people, and then [Stephen] posted it to mess with people," he said. In other words, don't get your hopes up for an Arrow/Firestorm crossover anytime soon, despite what this pic tells you:

Robbie Amell's Facebook

That said, there is an Amell family reunion in the works. Robbie confirmed that he shot something "promo-ish" with his cousin Stephen, where they're both in-character. Beyond that? "I'm not allowed to say anything," he teased. "It'll air fairly soon."

And even though they haven't shot an episode together yet, Robbie says there's still hope for an Arrow/Firestorm team-up. "They're trying to figure out how to get the two of us on-screen at the same time," he confirmed. There's plenty of avenues for such a crossover: Arrow and The Flash have hopped back and forth between each other's shows, so there's no reason we couldn't see Oliver in Central City, or Ronnie Raymond in Starling City, at some point in the future.