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Fall Out Boy's Short-Shorts Are Ridiculous In Their Hilarious New 'Irresistible' Video

Failing has never looked so good.

We already knew that Fall Out Boy have become the ultimate Jock Jam masters, with their songs played in arenas all over America. But we didn't know that Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy could be the athletes too!

In their new video for "Irresistible," a track off their American Beauty/American Psycho album, the guys strap on their terry-cloth headbands, hike up their short-shorts and just fail so hard at basketball. It's one of those things that's so bad that it's actually good, you know?

FOB poke fun at themselves as they play against a tall, skilled team of ballers. But oddly, the people on the bleachers are eating up the mishaps of the short, clumsy kids. As the score racks up against them, Fall Out Boy gain the attention of that girl in the stands, along with the approval of granny and a crusty-looking guy with his thumbs up.

I wish failing was always this good!