Here's The Aquaman Of 'Batman V Superman,' And He's Basically Just Ocean Khal Drogo

Unite the seven!

The true king of the sea stands revealed, and… well, it looks like Khal Drogo finally learned how to swim!

Zack Snyder, director of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," just revealed the first look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the upcoming film:

"It has been a thrill and an honor to bring this iconic character to life for a modern audience," costume designer Michael Wilkinson said, via statement. "Zack Snyder has a brilliant vision for making this character powerful and relevant, and I enjoyed designing a costume that reflects this vision and honors the character's rich legacy."

And, yep, that's Khal Drogo! Momoa's DC Comics hero looks pretty much exactly like his "Game of Thrones" barbarian, albeit with some minor cosmetic differences.

Here, take a look:


1. Both have beards.

2. Both have tattoos.

3. Both have long hair.

4. Both hate shirts.

5. Both have muscles on their muscles. So, basically, they're both SpongeBob.


That's pretty much where it ends, but by default, any barbaric looking character that Momoa plays from here on out will (and should) be compared to the Dothraki warlord, because he's awesome and iconic and dearly missed. But let's not kid ourselves; Khal Drogo would never be caught dead holding a trident, let alone wading in water.

Actually, that's not a bad way to kill the ocean-fearing Dothraki, but that's neither here nor there.

In releasing the Aquaman pic, Snyder uses the phrase, "Unite the Seven." Does that mean we're in store for more character reveals today? In the coming weeks, at least? We already have three Justice Leaguers on the map, including Superman:


Warner Bros

Wonder Woman:

And now, Aquaman:

Warner Bros.

That leaves three reveals left: Flash, Cyborg and, presumably, Green Lantern. Actors have been announced for Flash and Cyborg (Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher, respectively), but not the new Green Lantern. Could be pretty interesting if we see the space cop's new actor announced simultaneously with the first look at the character.

For now, we continue gazing upon Khal Aquaman, and counting the too-many moons of our life until "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" bows on March 25, 2016.