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We Found The Biggest Surprise In Justin Bieber's Breakout #5YearsOfBabyMusicVideo that? is!

In late February 2010, I embarked on a drive from New York to Miami. It's about a 20-hour drive, and a friend and I split the work over a two-day span, making a very calculated overnight stop in J. Cole's hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. We were headed to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, where he was working, and I was helping out.

So how did we fill 20 hours in the car? With talking, sure -- but also with tons of music, both from our iPods and by tuning into radio stations across some 10 states and countless of cities and towns. And there was basically one constant everywhere we passed through: Justin Bieber’s breakout hit, "Baby," featuring Ludacris, was going to be on the radio.

When I hear that song, to this day, I think of that extended drive.

When I see that video -- the first to hit a billion views on Vevo -- which I did again today, in order to commemorate #5YearsOfBabyMusicVideo, I have a few thoughts.

Here's how they went today.

  1. "Wow, JB looks young. That makes sense."
    Justin Bieber YouTube
  2. "Oh, hey Luda."
    Justin Bieber YouTube
  3. "Right, Drake was in this video. Obviously Lil Twist is there, too."
    Justin Bieber YouTube
    Justin Bieber YouTube

Yes, yes it is. And she looks basically the same now as she did five years ago -- unlike, say, the Biebs. Maybe somehow you already caught this, but it seems like a pretty quiet fact overall -- it's not even mentioned on her Wikipedia page.

I'm just wondering why Drizzy didn't mention this in his remix to "2 On."

Happy BieberBabyversary, y'all.

Watch Tinashe talk about the remix below