Robert Pattinson Is Doing Naughty Sex Things In The 'Maps To The Stars' Red Band Trailer

The new spot for David Cronenberg's latest leaves nothing to the imagination.

The very, very NSFW red band trailer for "Maps to the Stars" has officially been released. Gird your loins, errbody: This is one minute and 23 seconds worth of nonstop shooting, screaming, screwing, swearing, implied masturbation, out-front nudity, and Robert Pattinson giggling through a face full of crazy makeup.

Needless to say, it's glorious.

This latest offering from director David Cronenberg stars Mia Waskikowska, Julianne Moore, and Robert Pattinson as a deranged pyromaniac out for vengeance, an aging actress desperate to stay in the game, and a limo driver who will have sex with anything, respectively. The dark, steamy drama takes place in the Hollywood hills; blink and you'll miss a shot of Mia and Robert gazing up at the HOLLYWOOD sign.

Blink again and you'll miss R-Pattz rolling around frantically on a carpet doing who-knows-what to god-knows-whom.

"Maps to the Stars" debuted to positive reviews at Cannes last year. The movie releases nationwide in the U.S. February 27.