Omarion, Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko Are The Supergroup You Never Knew You Needed In 'Post To Be'

Watch the video below.

Omarion and Chris Brown have a mini dance-off in the new music video for “Post To Be.”

The DJ Mustard-produced track has the perfect beat for the Maybach Music Group singer and Breezy to volley back and forth with boastful lyrics and playful dance moves around a spankin' new white Ferrari.

For her part, collaborator Jhené Aiko plays up her sexy, homie-lover-friend vibe, bopping her head on beat with her male co-stars while singing matter-of-factly that any potential suitor “gotta eat the booty like groceries.”

“Post To Be” is on Omarion’s Sex Playlist LP, which is in stores now.