Kanye And Kim Party Excellently With 'Wayne's World' On 'SNL 40': Watch


For the second Sunday in a row, Kanye West had trouble sticking in his seat. After pretending to pull another "imma let you finish" on Beck's Album of the Year win at the Grammys, just seven days later 'Ye was reminded of his inability to sit still on the "SNL" 40th Anniversary special (February 15).

As Mike Myers and Dana Carvey put on their hats and glasses to reboot Wayne and Garth of "Wayne's World" the top ten list for the evening was fittingly the Top 10 Things About "SNL." Yeezy got a shout out from the legendary sketch duo not once, but twice. First at number 10 where they explained that "SNL" is a live show, so everyone has to stay down and in a locked position -- even Kanye.

When it comes to musical guests at number six, the two rattle off U2, Nirvana, Beyonce and even Beck as a few of the great performers, debating that Beck may have even been better than Beyonce.

Which brought them to the fifth thing about "SNL": Kanye, Sit Down! Wayne and Garth told Kanye that social cues say he has to stay where he is and not storm the stage. At first it appeared Kanye needs a little wrangling.

But then they seemed to make up backstage. Party time indeed.

Earlier in the night Kanye sang the television debut of his new song "Wolves," with Vic Mensa and Sia (after being introduced by Christopher Walken no less). Before he brought out his two guests he began the set lying on his back speaking into a microphone for "Jesus Walks." Upside-down with his arms spread wide the camera is close-up, revealing his bright blue contacts.

And here's an even better look at them.

Pulling back a white screen surrounding him, he stood up and moved into "Only One." Wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and fingerless gloves, Vic and Sia crawled beside him onstage.

On their hands and knees they sang, Sia shrouded in an enormous white wig. (Which later in the night found its way to Zach Galifianakis.)

Even though she was there to support her man, Kim Kardashian couldn't help but getting in on the fun. She's the ultimate "Wolfie."