'Tomorrowland' Opens Early With New Character Reveals At Toy Fair

Funko's reaction figures show off new looks at the mysterious film.

Even though "Tomorrowland," the new scifi adventure directed by Brad Bird and starring George Clooney hits theaters on May 22, virtually nothing is known about the film. From a teaser trailer, to a brief additional glimpse during the Super Bowl, all we know about the flick is that bad things are happening in the world, and Clooney, along with Britt Robertson, want to escape to a futuristic world of, well, tomorrow.

Then there are events like Toy Fair, which show off sneak peeks at upcoming movies in order to tease retailers -- and help lift the curtain a little bit on mysterious movies like "Tomorrowland." And we want to be clear, it's JUST a little bit -- because Funko's line of ReAction figures, which initially dropped a toy featuring Clooney's Frank Welker at New York Comic-Con showed off six more figures... But that's it.

  • The Whole Line
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    First off, a look at the whole line of figures, including the Tomorrowland pins that allow instantaneous travel between... dimensions... maybe? We don't know. Let's get a closer look, though.

  • Athena
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    We haven't glimpsed Raffey Cassidy's Athena in trailers yet, but she seems to be dressed for Tomorrowland -- and is clearly important enough to get her own figure.

  • Young Frank
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Played by Thomas Robinson, this is the kid that grows up to be George Clooney. Lucky kid. Clearly at some point, Frank tried out some futuristic technology.

  • Frank Walker
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Yup, that's George Clooney all right. Cool.

  • David Nix
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Another character we haven't glimpsed yet, played by Hugh Laurie. Given the garb, we can guess he's also from Tomorrowland, but that's not a given.

  • Casey Newton
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    This figure of Robertson is straight out of the trailer, but the still featured on the package seems to be new. Good to know she won't be grim the whole movie.

  • Dave Clark
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Who is Dave Clark? Even glimpsing at the IMDB page for this particular role could be considered a spoiler, so we're not going to mention here. Suffice to say, there's probably a good reason Dave doesn't have his picture featured on the packaging. Also, be sure to take a good look at the shape of his face.