D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Aww, Austin Mahone Went All Out For His Valentine This Year

In case you had any doubt, Austin has impeccable taste in flowers and desserts.

Earlier this week, Austin Mahone made grown men cry and broke hearts all over the world when he revealed that he doesn’t have any plans this Valentine’s Day.


We couldn’t help but wonder, how could it be that one of the world’s sweetest, most eligible bachelors doesn’t have a Valentine to snuggle up to (and also, can I volunteer as tribute?)?

But don’t you worry your pretty little minds, Mahomies, because it appears our boy did manage to snag the most “aww”-worthy date ever: his mom, Michele!

Mama Mahone gushed about her “amazing, loving and thoughtful son” and showed off the array of cute gifts he got her. Austin really went all out, surprising her with a card, a bunch of gorgeous flowers, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and even some chocolate-covered strawberries.

Apparently Austin’s got a thing for wooing the ladies in his life with sweet treats, because he also shared this sweet snap of he and pal Becky G (kind of) bonding over some ice cream.

If Austin’s V-Day date were anyone else besides Mama Mahone, I might be spiraling into a raging fit of jealousy, but this ish is too dang cute. Remember, ladies: the best boys in the world are the ones who treat their mamas right… meaning this guy’s a total keeper.