6 Times 'Eye Candy''s Lindy Proved She's A Total Bad-Ass

She's part hacker, part detective, part Superwoman -- and completely awesome.

Lindy helped Tommy tackle yet another deadly mystery on tonight's episode of "Eye Candy" -- and proved, once again, that she will stop at nothing to solve a crime.

This time, the hacker-turned-part-time-detective was asked for her expertise on a perplexing situation at a nearby hospital: Machines were inexplicably shutting down. During one teen's brain surgery, in fact, the entire OR staff had fallen unconscious because a nitrous oxide regulator was leaking gas.

"Let me guess," Lindy said to Tommy. "[The machine] was wireless and fully automated…in other words, hackable."

The answer was yes, and the NYPD Cyber Unit employee requested Lindy use her own hacking skills to crack the case. "All you've got to do is get in the server," he said, dropping her off at the health center.

And of course, she did -- but once inside, L decided there was an even better way to more closely monitor the situation. How? She headed to the stairwell, ran up and down the steps like a madwoman, did jumping jacks and pushups and swigged energy shots -- until she got a fever and just had to visit the ER and be admitted into the hospital.

Pretty bad-ass, right? But it's not the first time Lindy has gone way beyond the call of duty to solve a crime. Here are the top six moments she proved she's just plain unstoppable:

  1. She singlehandedly figured out why the Flirtual Killer is, well, killing.

    First things first: Trained police detectives were clueless until Lindy realized that all the murder victims had one thing in common, and that was the fact that they'd all been on the dating app Flirtual. Then she figured out why they were being killed. "The internet is a place where you can show people only what you want them to see," she told Tommy and crew. For example, one victim hated her crooked teeth, so she always hid her smile; another wore colored contacts to make his eyes more appealing. And this kind of innocent deception, it seems, didn't meet with the madman's approval. "He wants perfection," Lindy explained. "And when people lied about their flaws, he killed them." *SHIVER*

  2. She breached the security of an ENTIRE CITY.

    Her buddy George warned her that such a move could put her behind bars, but Lindy didn't even flinch. She needed to find out who'd been in and out of a salon where a young woman was killed so, with George's help, she handily hacked into the city's security cameras to check out surveillance video from surrounding streets. Jail time, shmail time!

  3. She put the brakes on Reiss' runaway ride…with her smartphone.

    After a disastrous date with Reiss, Lindy hopped in his car for a quick getaway -- certain that Tommy was waiting in the driver's seat. But alas, he'd been locked in the trunk by the Flirtual Killer, and that was only the tip of the iceberg. "He's hacking the car," Lindy shouted as the vehicle began driving itself at top speed. But she kept her cool, connecting her smartphone to the vehicle's computer system and -- as it careened in reverse toward a street pole -- disarmed the renegade autopilot with only seconds to spare.

  4. She nearly kicked Connor's ass.

    When the blogger wrote a detailed story about the Flirtual Killer -- causing Tommy to worry that it would just make the madman commit more crimes -- Lindy went into beast mode. She tracked him down at a kickboxing class to demand he take the story down -- and, in the process, took a swing at him, jacked him up against the wall and threw him to the ground. GIRL POWER!

  5. She gets the 411 so fast, it'd make the FBI's head spin.

    When a group of teens went missing during a party bus adventure, Lindy pushed Tommy aside and sifted through their social media accounts to get the inside scoop on each of them. In a matter of minutes, she announced her findings: All of the youths were pals -- except loner/stoner Max, who only had a connection with Amy. Aaron, meanwhile, was crushing on Jessica, but she just wasn't that into him. Ethan did homework for his friends and accepted drugs for payment. Oh, and back to Max: He supplied his friends with meds by stealing his parents' prescription pills, as proven when Lindy accessed his folks' pharmacy accounts. Okay, seriously: Forget Big Brother. It's LINDY who's always watching.

  6. She stopped a ticking timebomb before it blew Jake to bits.
    We already talked about that fateful night Lindy halted Reese's car with her cell, but it wasn't the first time she saved the day with a phone. During a super-wild party held by that awful Hamish, a world-famous hacker named Bubonic chained Jake to a bomb that would go off when a "dare" game was finally completed upstairs. But even impending explosions were no match for Lindy: She got the bad guy's smartphone (the only device that could stop the bomb), sent the required specs to an awaiting George and, once again, saved the day.

+ Which do you think is Lindy's most bad-ass moment? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to catch another episode of "Eye Candy" next Monday at 10/9c!