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Quiz: Who Should Manage Your Facebook Account When You Die?

The new "Legacy Contact" feature lets you choose a digital heir ... so let's find out who you really trust with your online identity.

You probably care about what happens to your sentimental possessions when you pass away, but how about your social networking accounts? Who gets to inherit your selfies when the universe finally clicks "unfollow" on you?

Today Facebook made that mystery a lot easier to answer by adding "Legacy Contacts." You can pick a specific friend or family member, who -- in the unfortunate event of your death -- can pin a message to the top of your profile (such as funeral information, or a really morbid joke), change your profile pic, respond to new friend requests and download an archive of your photos.

For now, your Legacy Contact won't be able to edit your posts or read your private messages. Still, this is an extremely personal choice. Which of your loved ones should get the honor? Or should you just opt for your account to self-destruct when you leave this earthly plane?

Take the quiz below to find out!