Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

The Only 'FourFiveSeconds' Cover You Ever Need To Hear is Right Here

Gentleman's Rule rules.

A Rihanna single isn't complete until it gets a cover on YouTube.

Rih teamed up with Kanye West and Paul McCartney and dropped "FourFiveSeconds" just last month and now, on Tuesday (Feb. 10), two days after she performed the track at the 2015 Grammy Awards, an up-and-coming Chicago-based group dropped their acapella cover.

Rih's original was already stripped down, with just McCartney's acoustic guitar, but Gentleman's Rule undresses the track even further, singing in harmony over foot stomps and hand claps. Nothing is going to top the original, but as far as covers go, Gentleman's Rule pretty much nails it.

On Sunday, Kanye and McCartney joined the pop queen on the Grammy stage, wearing matching black suits and singing spirited vocals. On that same night, Kanye announced that he would be executive producing Rihanna's upcoming album, so that means Gentleman's Rule will have more material to cover.