Who Should Star As Marvel's New Spider-Man?

The search is on for a new web-slinger.

The secret's out: Spider-Man is returning home to Marvel.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures' unexpected agreement to bring the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man into the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe has left us with a lot of questions today. Chief among them: Who will play the new Spider-Man?

With the character set to appear in a Marvel movie sometime before his first solo outing on July 28, 2017, we could have our very first look at the new Spidey as soon as "Avengers: Age of Ultron" in May. That's not a lot of time! Assuming the role remains uncast, indulge us as we toss out a few suggestions for Marvel's new Spider-Man:

  1. Josh Hutcherson

    The "Hunger Games" star was a Peter Parker contender before Andrew Garfield won the part. See: Josh's "Spider-Man" audition video above. With "Hunger Games" under his belt, Hutcherson's a globally recognized star, and all the qualities that would have made him a great Peter Parker then are well in place now. If Marvel and Sony want a star, Hutcherson's the man.

  2. Anton Yelchin

    The "Star Trek" star is quick on his feet, witty as hell, and used to his fair share of action, not just with "Trek" but also as Kyle Reese in "Terminator Salvation." He's more than deserving of a big breakout role, and Spider-Man would be just the ticket.

  3. Logan Lerman

    Hey, remember that time the "Percy Jackson" star outed himself as being in talks for Spider-Man? That was fun! Let's do it again! Logan has grown up a lot in the years since he was last in contention for the web-slinging hero, complete with his tremendous turn in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." He's ready to make his Marvel.

  4. John Boyega
    Screen Gems

    Not that he's not busy enough with "Star Wars," but the "Attack the Block" star is already in the Disney family, and could easily swing on over to the Marvel side of the aisle. Besides, he's already played Batman before. What's one more superhero role between friends?

  5. Taron Egerton

    "My favorite [superhero] is Spider-Man," the "Kingsman: The Secret Service" star told MTV UK last month. "Andy Garfield is wonderful at doing it, to the the point where I don't think I should play it. But I absolutely love Spider-Man." With the Garfield era at an end, it's time to toss your hat into the ring, Taron.

  6. Dylan O'Brien

    We already know he can run through mazes. Let's see if the "Teen Wolf" star can climb walls, too.

  7. J.K. Simmons

    More like JUST KIDDING Simmons, except totally not kidding as far as bringing him back to play J. Jonah Jameson. Nothing else will suffice.