'The Nightly Show' Asks Uncomfy Questions About Our Relationship With War

Would you rather be targeted by ISIS, or by Oprah?

It was "Would You Rather: International Terrorism Edition" on "The Nightly Show" Tuesday (February 9), when four guests tried to keep it real while answering personal questions about the Iraq war, the threat of ISIS, and the price of peace in the Middle East.

Guests Michael McKean, Kimberly Dozier, Negin Farsad and Wes Moore were together with host Larry Wilmore to talk about the night's complicated topic: our relationship with war.

In a roundtable discussion, the panelists were challenged to answer truthfully about what (or in some cases, whom) they'd sacrifice to put an end to tensions in the Middle East -- or, given the option to stamp out either sexism or Islamophobia, which one they'd choose.

The discussion brought some moments of levity, as always; as it turns out, Wes Moore is much more afraid of Oprah than he is of ISIS.

But there was also some timely reflection by Wilmore on how we report on and relate to stories about war, including the tendencies toward sensationalism and embellishment that landed Brian Williams in hot water earlier this week.

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