Here's The Good News And The Bad News About Marvel's New Spider-Man

Amazing news for fans, but not so much for Andrew Garfield.

Did you hear the good news? Spider-Man is officially back at Marvel. Yay!

Now, here's the bad news:

  1. No more Andrew Garfield.

    Marvel and Sony's announcement make it clear that we're talking about a "new Spider-Man." In other words, kiss the "Amazing" continuity goodbye — and that's likely to include everybody in it, from Andrew Garfield to Emma Stone. Whatever issues the two "Amazing Spider-Man" movies had, Garfield as Peter Parker was not one of them.

  2. No more Andrew Garfield, but…

    …a huge, wide-open opportunity for a new Spider-Man to swing into the ring! It's an iconic role deserving of several interpretations, and as sad as we are to see Garfield go, at least some new star will get to step up to the plate and give his spin on the character.

  3. Earth's mightiest heroes are now mightily delayed.

    Some of them are, at least. The new "Spider-Man" movie will hit theaters on July 28, 2017. That's the release date previously occupied by "Thor: Ragnarok," which now moves to November 3, 2017 — which is the release date previously occupied by "Black Panther," now moving to July 6, 2018, which was the previous release date for "Captain Marvel," now hitting theaters on November 2, 2018. And that date? You guessed it! Previously held by "Inhumans," which is now arriving on July 12, 2019, after part two of "Avengers: Infinity War." That's a whole lot of shuffling for one itsy-bitsy spider.

  4. Earth's mightiest heroes are now mightily delayed, but…

    Spider-Man is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so who flippin' cares?!?! Well, we care, because we're excited about all the other Marvel movies, and want to put our eyeballs on them as soon as inhumanly possible. Still… MCU Spider-Man. It's hard to be mad at that.

  5. Adios, Spider-Man spinoffs.

    Sony was planning on releasing "Sinister Six" and "Venom" movies based in the same universe as "The Amazing Spider-Man." Don't expect that to happen now that Spidey's hanging out with the Avengers. Maybe one day we'll see Green Goblin and Doc Ock as the Captain America and Iron Man of the anti-Avengers, but probably not anytime soon, and certainly not as originally intended.

  6. Adios, Spider-Man spinoffs, but…

    …could we see Venom appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as soon as 2017? The menacing symbiote is a huge part of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" comic books right now. What are the odds that we'll see Venom pop up in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2," set to hit theaters just two short months before the first new "Spider-Man" film? All the sudden, it's not such a far-fetched team-up, is it?

  7. That's basically it for the bad news!

    Seriously, Spider-Man swinging into the MCU is great on almost every single level, aside from losing some interesting actors, an admittedly hefty handful of unfortunate release date shifts, and a couple of wholesale movie cancellations. Best news of all? It's all but certain we'll see Spider-Man front and center in "Avengers: Infinity War." That absolutely enormous movie just got even bigger.

    The all-new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel movie sometime before his next feature film, due out in theaters on July 28, 2015.