Ever Wonder What 'Whiplash' Would Be Like If Weird Al Starred In It?

No? Well, watch this College Humor parody anyway.

It takes a lot of sacrifice to be a polka legend. Just ask Weird Al Yankovic, who gets the full “Whiplash” treatment in College Humor's parody of the Oscar-nominated film.

“Thanks for meeting me like this -- gotta get my chops up. I’m a little out of practice,” Al tells J.K. Simmons' Terence Fletcher. "Somebody’s got a big concert tour coming up this year.”

“Tell me it’s not you, Elmer Fudd,” Fletcher says flatly.

Somewhat deflated, Weird Al trudges on, telling his teacher that his 100-city tour is going to be huge.

“So anyway, put me through my paces,” he says. “Don’t be afraid to crack the whip, alright. I wanna be perfect.”

After warming up with "Beer Barrel Polka," which is not quite Fletcher’s tempo, the funnyman gets a chair hurled at his head for being “out of tune.”

Watch the hilarious exchange for yourself.