Lady Gaga Goes All Classy Jessica Rabbit For 'Cheek To Cheek' Tony Bennett Duet

Cartoon eyes popping out of cartoon head.

What better way to celebrate their Grammy win for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for Cheek to Cheek than, well, dancing cheek to cheek? That's exactly what Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett did at Sunday's (Feb. 8) 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

In one of the most understated -- though no less impressive -- performances of the evening, Gaga and Bennett crooned the jazzy duet, Mother Monster looking all Jessica Rabbit in a sparkly black gown and Bennett dapper as ever.

Earlier in the evening, the pair collected their shared Grammy, beating out Annie Lennox's Nostalgia; Night Songs, by Barry Manilow; Sending You a Little Christmas, by Johnny Mathis; and Barbra Streisand's Partners.

And the rest of the night? Well, they've spent it chilling -- taking in tunes and just generally being class acts. Chill on, guys. Chill on.