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Happy Birthday, Bea Miller: 16 Times You Were An Inspirational Powerhouse

The "Young Blood" singer has finally hit the big one.

Bea Miller has hit so many milestones already, we can't believe she hadn't even reached this big one until Saturday (February 7): Turning 16!

The teen singer was just 13 years old when she came in ninth place on the second season of "The X Factor" back in 2012. Last year, she debuted her first EP Young Blood at number two on the iTunes pop charts, and last month she landed on MTV's list of artists to watch in 2015. This year's bound to be another huge one for Bea, so to celebrate, we've put together 16 of her most inspirational moments (so far!).

  1. When she auditioned for "The X Factor" as an ultra-talented 13-year-old.

    It must have taken guts to show up for this first audition when she was still in middle school.

  2. When she nailed this live version of "Young Blood" at the ATW showcase in LA.

    Her soulful voice sounds even better IRL.

  3. When she totally dished on her celebrity baes.

    Can't blame her for digging Luke Hemmings' lip ring.

  4. When she went acoustic for a soulful cover of John Legend's "All of Me."

    Her wise-beyond-her-years voice is a perfect fit for this hit single.

  5. When she shared her dark side in the video for "Young Blood."

    Bea even argued with the video's director to get exactly the vision she wanted.

  6. When she got a surprise call from her celeb crush on live radio.

    To be fair, she handled it better than we would have.

  7. When she got to hear her own song on the radio for the first time ever.

    This amazing surprise almost had the young star breaking out in tears!

  8. When she went on tour with Demi Lovato last year.

    One heck of a double bill.

  9. When she made a guest appearance on CBS's police show "Unforgettable."

    Bea can act, too!

  10. When she took us on a tour of her rock 'n' roll room.

    Those Kurt Cobain paintings are too good.

  11. When she nailed song after song on "The X Factor."

    She just barely made the top 10, but to us, she's a winner.

  12. When she teamed up with Boyce Avenue to cover Miley Cyrus.

    "We Can't Stop" never sounded so smooth.

  13. When she mashed up Destiny's Child and Justin Timberlake -- perfectly.

    Okay, maybe the Neighbourhood did it first, but we like Bea's take on these classics.

  14. When she got to open for both One Direction AND 5 Seconds of Summer.

    And kept her cool.

  15. When she broke out into "Call Me Maybe" during an interview.

    Watch out Carly Rae!

  16. And finally: When she covered her hero Kurt Cobain.

    Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" got an update for the 21st century.