Michele Crowe/MTV News

Kate Nash's Feminist DIY Experiment Girl Gang Wants YOU

It's time to take action.

"Girl Gang/ Running around in my brain": It's the chorus to Kate Nash's latest theme song, a cover of FIDLAR's "Cocaine" that the British singer modified to reflect an urge to cross lines, rather than snort them. Also, it's pretty indicative of how obsessed Nash is with her latest project: Girl Gang TV.

"Girl Gang is basically a feminist community," Nash told MTV News when she swung by our office to spread the word about her latest passion project. "It's an idea that I've been sort of developing and working on my whole career -- trying to figure out what my role within activism and feminism in the music industry is."

Throwing herself full-tilt into a feminist tour de force is nothing new for the kick-ass musician, who previously acted as global ambassador for Because I am a Girl, "a global initiative that creates sustainable projects in developing countries to give girls access to clean water, food, healthcare, education, and protection from violence and exploitation."

There's also her amazing video for "I Hate You This Christmas," which features -- and was shot by -- a bevy of female skaters.

In short: Kate trucks with seriously awesome women (in addition to being one) -- and she always has.

What's novel about Nash's latest project is the concept itself and Nash's ownership of it: a new foundation and Internet TV show that aims to help girls -- and like-minded individuals of any gender -- trade ideas, learn skills and better themselves (and the world) in the process. Currently, Nash has released a handful of episodes of the show, spanning everything from how to play guitar to how to foster a dog. She also hopes to expand the project into events or, eventually, some kind of communal feminist farm (we think that might have been a joke -- but we're into it).

"I'd realized the power of the Internet and the power of the people because of releasing my last record [Girl Talk] independently," Nash said, telling MTV News how she conceptualized Girl Gang TV after moving to L.A. last year.

"I asked a bunch of cool girls in the area to come to my house one night and we just sat in my garage and we talked about feminism and activism and how we wanted to educate each other and inspire each other to create change," she said. "Girl Gang TV is the global invitation to everybody -- because I can't host everyone in my garage, unfortunately."

A growing project, Nash hopes fans and viewers will also get involved, asking interested parties to hit her up directly via email (katenashgirlgangyeah@gmail.com) or Twitter with ideas.

"The cool thing about the Internet is that it's like this Wild West and it's the first time that we can establish ourselves and have those discussions without a man overseeing and editing everything -- because the Internet can be run by anyone," she said.

So why now? While Nash has been beating the drum of feminism for years, she admits that, in the past, she has spent too much time getting mad -- instead of taking action.

"I think that we have a really long way to go when it comes to feminism and sexism in the industry -- and in the world," she said. "There's definitely huge problems for girls globally. What I felt was it's my responsibility now -- I'm the next generation that should be making some changes."

Amen to that.