Fifth Harmony And Becky G 'Left Swipe Dat' In New Song

Pretty catchy for a PSA.

Becky G really doesn't like when people smoke -- so much so that she's singing a song about it. Becky and her Fifth Harmony pals teamed up for their Tinder-themed "Left Swipe Dat," a PSA for the Truth campaign, which hopes to eliminate teen smoking. Because as we all know, a left swipe on Tinder means REJECTION.

The video explains that you get double the matches on the dating app if you're not smoking in your profile pic.

"The whole song is sort of a wordplay on the dating app and that really ties it into our generation," says Fifth Harmony's Camilla Cabello, while bandmate Ally Brooke chimed in, "At the end of the day, we want to decrease teen smoking. It's already at 8 percent, so it is totally possible."

Social media stars King Bach, Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, Anna Akana, Jimmy Tatro, Alphacat, Terrence J and Timothy DeLaGhetto also join in. And while they make the video fun, there's a more serious note to it.

"The truth is, I've never smoked before but I've lost a lot of family members due to smoking and secondhand smoke," Becky G said. "It might have been cool in the past, but it is not that attractive to me, personally."