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Mariah Carey And Liam Payne Are Praising Fifth Harmony’s New Album (And Sparking Collaboration Rumors)

PLEASE make this happen, Big Payno!

In typical Fifth Harmony fashion, the girls have been absolutely slaying with their ahh-mazing new album, Reflection, which dropped on Tuesday (February 3) and quickly rose to #1 on iTunes.

And the girls’ famous peers are definitely taking notice -- Austin Mahone, Meghan Trainor, Becky G, and Zendaya are among the celebs who have dished out their praise on Twitter.

Even QUEEN Mariah Carey had to leave her seal of approval (which only makes sense, given that she's name-checked on the album). Needless to say, the girls were absolutely floored.

But the biggest and most exciting celeb praise came from none other than One Direction’s Liam Payne, who insisted he’d love the chance to remix the title track, “Reflection.”

The girls appropriately freaked out, and Dinah even cleverly responded by referencing the song’s lyrics, “Where you from?/ Must be heaven.”

Remix master “Big Payno” seems to have a few projects under his belt at the moment, if those recent studio sessions with Juicy J and Chad Kroeger are any indication. But we’d totally love to see what awesomeness he’d whip up with 5H.

After all, he’s not all talk and no game -- just check out this vine of Liam dancing to some earlier cut of the track in August of last year.

What do you think, Harmonizers? Should Liam and 5H team up for a remixed version of the song? Sound off in the comments below!