Watch MTV Artists To Watch Bea Miller, Shawn Mendes, Hoodie Allen & More Slay Everything In Sight Live Tonight At 9:45 ET/ 6:45 PT

It's all happening, and you're invited!

Need a boost to get yourself through those last few months of winter (eff you, groundhog)? Well, how about a whole passel of brand-new artists to blast until the first thaw? Oh, now you're listening, huh? Well, get watching, too -- tonight, Thursday, Feb. 5 at 9:45 p.m. ET/6:45 p.m. PT, live from the House of Blues in L.A., where we'll be streaming performances from some of our stellar 2015 Artists To Watch on

If the words "brand-new artists" don't get you going, allow us to offer a few more reasons why you should tune in -- courtesy of some of the acts lit up on the marquee:

  1. For Jacquie Lee's Powerhouse Vocal Stylings

    She was a runner-up on "The Voice," but she's #1 in all our hearts. Just listen to the pretty.

  2. To Hear The Talent Co-Signed By Charli XCX, Ryn Weaver

    You would "OctaHate" to miss this... Charli XCX basically praised the ish out of her on Twitter.

  3. To Vine Shawn Mendes

    That would be really meta, since this super star was born on the social networking platform. Also, we hear he's the "Life of the Party."

  4. To Join MisterWives' Family

    A band is basically a second family, and these New Yorkers are all practically married to each other they're so close. Join their clan -- become a fan.

  5. To Start Dreaming Of Zummer With Hoodie Allen
    Matty Vogell

    Allen's hitting the road with Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa in the warmer months for the Boys of Zummer tour. Allow him to thaw your frost-covered heart with his rhymes.

  6. To Make Bea Miller Your Bae

    A Nirvana-loving teen with a voice that slays? Before, she was opening for One Direction, but Bea has arena tours in her future for sure.

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