Buckle Your Seatbelt: These Are The Most Memorable MTV Party Rides Ever

Shows including 'Laguna Beach' and 'Eye Candy' have featured some unforgettable adventures -- on wheels!

In the "Eye Candy" realm, nobody (and we repeat, nobody) is safe when they venture out after sunset. The latest proof: On this week's episode, a group of teenagers took a party bus 'round the Big Apple and indulged in a night of booze and grooving under those neon lights.

While their excursion didn't go according to plan -- one teen wound up suffering a fatal injury -- it was hardly the first time a gang of small-screen young adults have taken a trip in a large motor vehicle. Take a look back at these other memorable MTV rides -- sans any freakish deaths -- and be sure to keep watching "Eye Candy" on Mondays at 10/9c!

  1. The best way to unwind after prom? If you ask the notorious LBHS students, taking a limo home to the after parties with appropriate headgear -- like Stephen Colletti's feather headband and Lauren Conrad's flower hair accessory -- is the only way to go. All together now: "Goodbye to youuuuuuuuuuuuu."

  2. "Real World: Denver"

    The Mile-High City evening started innocently enough: Tyrie, Jenn, Alex, Davis and Stephen got their own VIP mode of transportation. But the outing quickly turned sour when intoxicated duo T and J engaged in a contentious screaming match. That elevation will do it to ya...

  3. Three words: Cabs are here!!!!!!!!

  4. Jenna made a valiant attempt to spice up an uncomfortable expedition -- attended by a bunch of exes -- with a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever?" But the blogger ignited a bit of jealousy from her on-again off-again beau Matty McKibben more times than we can count when she proposed that people drink if they took someone's virginity -- hot on the heels of her bedding sophomore Owen and swiping his V-card.

  5. Jordan tried to shush notorious vets Johnny Bananas and CT during their voyage back home after a quick jaunt to the local bars in Uruguay. A quick memo to the rookie "Real World: Portland" castie: You do not want to mess with these outspoken competitors, because they will come after you -- even in confined spaces.

  6. Mrs. LaValle's Miami-based bachelorette bash wouldn't have been complete without a fierce dance-off in a tricked-out coach -- and, of course, her bud Joey TAKING OVER that pole.