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Channing Tatum Just Blessed The World With The 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer

There are not enough emojis to explain how we feel.

We take back every single time we ever casually dropped #blessed. Sure, it was great reuniting with that close friend after a long time apart, and that new dress was beautiful. And it was so sweet of the barista to give us an extra shot in our morning latte.

Those things were all great, but nothing compares to the blessing that is the "Magic Mike XXL" trailer that Channing Tatum -- who stars in the stripper sequel and co-wrote its script as well -- just dropped online.

As the end card to the trailer reads, "You're welcome."

We'll let you get to it, but just make sure you have a chair nearby. To receive dances upon, of course.


"Magic Mike XXL" grinds its way into theaters July 1.