Feature: "In The Lab With Portishead"

Welcome to the 21st

installment of our "In the Lab ... " series. This time we're

putting Portishead under the microscope. None other than studio ace

Geoff Barrow has the last word, as he talks about how

Portishead created their eerie second

album, Portishead, what keeps the band going, what

mystery woman Beth Gibbons listens to (and doesn't listen

to) and loads of other good stuff. By the time you're done,

you'll be ready to get a bonfire going, turn on the trip-hop

and dance a merry jig. Past shows still available for listening include Everclear, Prodigy,

John Fogerty, DJ Muggs, Pavement, Phish, Counting Crows, William

Gibson, R.E.M., Les Claypool, Metallica, Patti Smith, Spacehog, Cracker,

Sonic Youth, Neil Young, and The Smashing Pumpkins.