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'The Flash': Malese Jow Gives Us The Scoop On Barry And Linda's Whirlwind Romance

Hello, love triangle!

Things may not have worked the way he wanted with Iris (Candice Patton), but in tonight's (February 3) episode of "The Flash," Barry (Grant Gustin) gets swept off his feet by a young Central City Picture News reporter named Linda Park (Malese Jow) -- and she's making the first move.

"It's kind of like opposites attract," Jow told MTV News over the phone. "Which makes it fun to watch." Their meet-cute location? A dive karaoke bar. Yes, "Flash" fans, prepare to watch Barry -- and one very drunk Caitlin -- loosen up with a hilarious round of karaoke. According to Jow, Linda and Barry's connection is "instantaneous."

For more scoop on Barry and Linda's romance, including Iris' reaction and the possibility of a man named Wally West showing up anytime soon, read the rest of our interview with Jow below.

MTV News: Linda is going to shake a lot of things up for Iris at the Central City Picture News. Is there going to be tension between them?

Malese Jow: There definitely is something between them when they fist meet. They meet at the end of tomorrow night's episode, and they meet at Picture News. It's a weird dynamic. Iris is a strong woman, but Linda is not only strong, but she's also secure and confident, and she's a veteran at the paper. And now she's the new object of Barry's affections, so there's already a little bit of tension there between Linda and Iris.

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MTV: Is there a possibility that it will turn into a friendship down the road? I'd love to see them work together.

Jow: I personally want that! Hopefully, at some point they can be friends, but it might take a while to get to that point. They have a respect for each other, but there's also that competitive edge there. I'd like to see them become friends. That would be really nice.

MTV: Iris certainly has a strong source in The Flash. What does Linda think about him?

Jow: Linda doesn't have too much of an opinion about it. She doesn't get to see into the whole Flash aspect of things. She's very much a part of Barry's life, especially his love life, so she doesn't really get involved with The Flash.

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MTV: What is her relationship with Barry?

Jow: It's kind of an instantaneous thing, to be honest. They have an immediate intrigue with each other. It's kind of like opposites attract, which makes it very fun to watch.

MTV: How is Linda Barry's opposite?

Jow: She doesn't beat around the bush, and when she knows what she wants, she goes after it, which we see in this episode when she goes up to Barry at the karaoke bar and gives him her number. She's very independent, and she also has her own life going on. She's the kind of woman who is definitely not waiting around for a guy to call her back. I think that's why she doesn't really sniff out The Flash thing too much -- she's like, "Okay, well, he has a career, and I have a career, so let's try to make this work." And I think he likes that about her. She makes him step up to the plate, and she also likes him because he's kind of a mystery. He's shy, and there's a lot of layers to him. For her, her big question is, "Why is this guy still single? He's a catch!" It's really cute.

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MTV: Obviously, joining a show like "The Flash" can be a little overwhelming because fans of the comics have such high expectations. How do you deal with that?

Jow: It's kind of intimidating because the show has been on for 11 episodes already and everything has already been established. And seeing people's comments on Twitter and Instagram was a little overwhelming at first, but honestly, the writers do such great job with the show, and Andrew [Kreisberg] and Greg [Berlanti] have created such an amazing world that has stayed true to the comics and managed to put their own spin on it. And it works! I can't wait for people to see how Linda plays into everything because it's probably not what they expected.

MTV: Did you immediately dive into the comics when you cast?

Jow: I was Googling everything! I got enough information just from people tweeting me. But my sister is a huge fan of the comics, and she kind of debriefed me. I told her that if I got the role, I would dedicate it to her, so it's all for my sister.

MTV: That being said, is there ultimately going to be a Wally West? Do you know if he'll show up at some point?

Jow: I don't know that far ahead! But wouldn't that be fun? I think the fans should tweet and let the writers know what they want.

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MTV: How long can we expect Linda to stick around?

Jow: She's around for a little bit, but I've heard talks of her being incorporated more. And obviously, I'd like to see that. So I guess anything can happen in "The Flash" world.

MTV: Will Linda have anything to do with the new metahumans that pop up?

Jow: Surprisingly, she doesn't! Hopefully, that will be a future thing because that would be awesome. I think Linda could really hold her own against a metahuman. She's tough.

MTV: So she's just a very human element of the show.

Jow: Yes! Which is good. It keeps the show grounded, and people can really relate to everything she's bringing to the table. The scenes between her and Barry are some of my favorites because you get to see this incredibly nervous, awkward side to Barry, and you're suddenly reminded that he's not just a superhero -- he's human too.

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MTV: Your former "Vampire Diaries" costar Steven R. McQueen is a massive comic book fan. Did he reach out to you when you were cast?

Jow: He did! He reached out to me when the news broke that I got cast as Linda, and he was like, "I'm so jealous!" He definitely wants to be part of the comic book world, so I'm pulling for him. Nightwing needs to come to "The Flash." I'd love to see that happen for him.