Zachary Quinto Says He's 'Guardedly Anticipating' Marriage Equality: Watch

The "I Am Michael" star shares his views on the Supreme Court's big decision.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

After years of gradual, state-by-state progress, the Supreme Court is poised to rule on gay marriage once and for all in June. Excited celebrities like Lena Dunham have already told MTV News about how they feel about the landmark case, but we really wanted to hear the thoughts of beloved gay actor/"I Am Michael" star Zachary Quinto at the Sundance Film Festival. However, when we asked him, he first jokingly answered on behalf of his outspoken costar James Franco.

"James is very proud of the Supreme Court for agreeing to hear the [case]," Quinto joked, as his costar looked on with a smile.

Thankfully, Quinto had more than just that to say -- and in his own words, not Franco's.

"I'm actually thrilled, and guardedly anticipating that whole wave, the final wave of the legal battle of equality, which hopefully will continue in the same way that it has on the state level," he added. "I think that we are living in very interesting times, and I don't think that people are so easily defined anymore. Whatever we can do as creative storytellers to engage people in their own dialogue and their own understanding of who they are is a good thing to be a part of."

"I Am Michael" is currently making the rounds at film festivals.