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Could Gorillaz Be Coming Back For Another Album?

The artist behind the animated band has teased the group's return on Instagram.

The animated band Gorillaz has kept pretty quiet since the release of its 2011 album The Fall. But now, the artist responsible for creating the group's fictional members has just teased the band's return on Instagram.

Damon Albarn, the voice behind the band, had hinted before that Gorillaz weren't quite done with music yet. And yesterday (January 30), Jamie Hewlett unveiled brand new drawings of band members Noodle and Murdoc on his Instagram.

Does this mean the band's gearing up for another release? A fan asked the question on everyone's lips in Hewlett's Instagram comments, and the artist responded affirmatively: "Yes, Gorillaz Returns."

There are no official details yet on the return of the animated favorites, but don't be surprised if they reemerge for another round before the end of 2015.