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A Couple 'Spring Breakers' Are Reuniting For A New Movie

...but it's not "Spring Breakers 2." Here are the details on "In Dubious Battle."

Three years after James Franco terrorized Selena Gomez as the gun-toting, Britney Spears-singing Alien in “Spring Breakers,” the pair are teaming up again for a star-studded new film.

Franco and Gomez will star in the drama “In Dubious Battle,” based on John Steinbeck’s novel of the same name, E! News reports. The story revolves around a group of apple pickers in 1930s California who fight corrupt economic practices and stand up to The Man.

Franco is also directing the film, which boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Bryan Cranston, Danny McBride, Ed Harris, Robert Duvall and Vincent D’Onofrio. So, yes, it’s a far cry from the neon-hued, drug-tainted beaches of “Spring Breakers,” but sounds pretty awesome!

This is just the latest major role for Gomez, who’s currently shooting “The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving” alongside Paul Rudd. It also marks James’ second Steinbeck-influenced role — he recently made his Broadway debut with a revival of the writer’s “Of Mice and Men.”

Gomez told MTV News in 2013 that her high-intensity “Spring Breakers” scene with Franco was her favorite in the movie, so we can only imagine what amazing work they'll cook up together in their new project.

And please don’t cry, Selena — we’re sure James won’t bring back those awful cornrows.