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29-Year-Old Man Tries To Sell His Virginity For $1,000 ... Guess How Many Offers He Got?

Not much of a score.

Every so often, somebody makes international headlines by offering to give their virginity away to the highest bidder. It's not often a dude, though ... and when it is, it apparently doesn't go so hot.

Seb Ciercies, 29, of Romania, needed to pay off some debts that he'd accrued while helping out his diabetic brother, so he took out a newspaper advertisement, Yahoo News reports: "Man, 29 ... Athletic and toned, dark haired. I’m selling my virginity. Price: 850 Euros. Transport not included."

Maybe it's because nobody reads newspapers anymore, or maybe it's because he should've offered to include transport, but Ciercies says he got exactly zero offers. 850 Euros is about $1,000, which (we're guessing?) is a pretty steep price to deflower some bro.

"I don't understand it," Ciercies said, according to Yahoo. "I'm a good looking guy with a good physique. I thought someone might even offer me more. ... It doesn't do much for your self-esteem to be rejected by absolutely everybody in the world." He reportedly added, "I’m no Brad Pitt but I’m not ugly either."

Now that he's a viral news star, though, maybe he'll get some offers ... or at least he can sell the movie rights to his life story. At the rate Hollywood reboots franchises, it's about time for a new version of Steve Carell's breakout film, right?