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Kanye West Definitely Dropped A 'Devil Wears Prada' Reference In His Fashion LA Awards Speech

And 8 other amazing moments you missed.

Last week, The Daily Front Row debuted their first-ever Fashion Los Angeles Awards show, which–let's be real–had probably the best celeb turnout all year. Kanye West, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus (just to name a few!) all turned up to honor Jeremy Scott as Designer of the Year, Gigi Hadid as Model of the Year, and Milk Studios’ Mazdack Rassi as Fashion Innovator of the Year.

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Just yesterday, though, a video surfaced of Kanye presenting Mazdack his award, and wow, y'all. Hearing Ye talk all-things fashion is pretty much the best thing ever, but if you don't have 8 minutes to sit through the entire speech, don't worry! We pulled out all the best moments below.

Here are the most memorable moments from Kanye's Fashion Los Angeles Awards speech:

When He Name-Dropped South Park

"One connection that I have to everyone in this room, especially when me, Virgil, Don C., Fonzworth Bentley and all the people from the famous Tommy Ton-then-transferred-to-South-Park photo have dealt with in their lives somehow, you know, being ridiculed for liking fashion–for that being a career you want to take up."

When He Admitted His Fashion 'S---' Wasn't Always Together

"[Marie-Amelié Sauvé] was the little girl, that 8 years ago, showed me who Emmanuelle Alt was–back when I was less informed about how to put my s--- together."

When He Said Design Can Save The World

"I believe that the world can be changed, the world can be saved through design: through unselfish design, the one selfish creation."

When He Dissed All The Lawyers

"In a way, the fashion is what defines the time. People could think in some way they're a higher class or higher status or contribute more to the world because they work on bombs, they work in technology, they're school teachers, whatever it is that seems to be somehow that type of profession that whenever you say it, everybody's all, "You're a lawyer? Oh, great." Lawyer? Motherf-----. No knock to lawyers, but you know what I'm talking about."

When He Compared His Life To The Devil Wears Prada

"As we all know, The Devil Wears Prada was about Anna [Wintour], so I was like, I want to be in the middle of that conversation where she was talking about the blue sweater. And previous to Instagram and all that type of s---, you know this conversation: 'You think you're not a part of fashion because you don't da-da-da-da,' and somehow me and my crew, these straight black guys from Chicago who no one knew why they were at the f------ show, wanted to say, 'Let's make the conversation shorter between from when the blue sweater goes to a Wang show to when it finally hits Kohl's' or something."

When He Said Fashion Has To Be For Everyone–Literally

"Everyone's a fashion insider. It's illegal to be naked. Everyone has some form of fashion every day."

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When He Totally Related To Miley

"We have the power to change the world. I believe that through design–because design is the closest to truth, truth is the closest to love and love is the closest thing to god, and god is love–but we have to be unselfish in our approach, which is the opposite of someone saying, 'Kanye, you can't get into this show because you're a celebrity' or some s--- like that. You know? The way we've embraced celebrity–what Miley's gone through in the past couple years dealing with the fashion bigots and s--- like that."

When He Admitted To Stealing Coffee

"This guy [Mazdack Rassi] let me, a celebrity designer, work at Milk Studios when Adidas couldn't figure out where my office was. We didn't have windows, but it was cool, you know? We'd go out and get coffee and stole a bunch of free cappuccinos from down the hallway. I promised him that I was going to be f------ good."

When He Called Jeremy Scott A 'Bad Motherf-----'

"I don't move. I don't leave my f------- crib unless I really believe in someone. I don't read the teleprompters, and I'm so happy that Jeremy [Scott] is here because Jeremy asked me to come here also, and he's one of those bad motherf------ that changes the game and always expresses himself."