9 'Friday Night Lights' GIFs That Will Help You Win Your Super Bowl Party

Clear beverages, full plates of buffalo dip, cannot lose.

On Sunday, February 1, returning champs the Seattle Seahawks will battle the New England Patriots for Super Bowl XLIX victory. Obviously, millions upon millions of viewers will tune in to check out the action, but the not-so-secret truth is that a solid majority of those people don't really care that much about the game.

Some of us, the un-invested, are legitimate football fans who don't like either team, some are Super Bowl commercial enthusiasts who are in it for the ads, and others just really like an excuse to drink beer and eat buffalo dip on a Sunday night (raises hand). So to make the actual game-action easier to swallow while you munch on pigs in blankets, here are the perfect "Friday Nights Lights" GIFs to help you get through any troublesome Super Bowl party situation:

  1. When your team is losing at halftime, and you need to be reminded of your chill.

    Basically, when you're feeling down, [insert Coach Taylor quote here].

  2. When your QB throws a pick-six.

    No one knows pain, agony, misery, etc. better than the king of the "FNL" ugly-hot cry, Matt Saracen. This is the face you'll want to emulate when your QB throws an interception.

  3. When a bandwagon Seahawks fan starts acting like they know s--t.

    Seriously, just don't even give them the time of day. Those $89 Wilson jerseys they bought in a rush two weeks ago will gather dust once the 'Hawks go on their first losing streak.

  4. When something happens and you think it's good but don't really understand the ins and outs of football.

    The key is to act happy, but not too happy. You don't want someone to walk up to you and talk about what just happened. That would be the worst.

  5. When you win and your bae is with you.

    Football can be a major aphrodisiac. Go get what's yours!

  6. When you win but bae ain't with you.

    And when you don't have a bae -- or bae with you -- just have another beer! Alcohol can be just as good as bae.

  7. When it's time to clean the remains of the buffalo dip.

    That ish can straight up wait for tomorrow.

  8. When it's Monday and you're hungover and questioning your life decisions.

    Throw your ass in a cold shower, Saracen-style, then show up to work and get over it. You did this to yourself.

  9. When you go to the Alamo Freeze and some dude hits on your girl.

    Okay, okay, this has nothing to do with football, but remember when Landry killed a guy?! I will never be able to stop talking about that. And maybe there's no reason to?