Are Lindy And Tommy Falling In Love On 'Eye Candy'?

When even a psychic suggests it's true, we're not gonna argue…

It didn't take a psychic to tell us that Tommy is falling for Lindy on "Eye Candy."

Well, okay, it kind of did.

A couple of weeks back, we got an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny hint that the handsome detective (Casey Deidrick) might just be crushing on the fearless hacker-turned-assistant-investigator (Victoria Justice): As she left her apartment building to go on her ill-fated date with Reiss, she uttered, "How do I look?" in her police-monitored microphone. Tommy, gazing at her from his undercover cop car, replied with a breathless, "Beautiful."

We surely took note of the aww-inducing comment, but it wasn't until tonight's episode that we became completely, totally, 100% convinced that Tommy's into Lindy. And get this: We think she may feel the same way.

Here's what went down: After a group of teens went missing, Lindy joined Tommy and the Cyber Crimes Unit in a quest to find them. The youths had rented a party bus, then swiftly drove to the docks and boarded an abandoned ship to check out the "Stowaway" legend. What, you never heard that one? Supposedly, years ago, a teen was locked in the engine room of a ship by his friends; when they never came back to get him, he suffered a terrible death -- and his ghost now preys on other young'uns who visit the docks after dark.

And prey he does, apparently: As the partying high school students scattered about, the Stowaway began hunting down the leader of the gang, Amy, with gruesome results: She was eventually found dead in the river. The only other person found was Max -- he was alive but had no recollection of what happened that night. Or did he?

Turns out, Amy and Max had concocted the entire evening and filmed every moment in the hopes that their footage would go viral. They'd even hired a psychic to come freak out their friends. But their plan went terribly awry: After locking their pals away (they were eventually found safe), Amy began to film her faux chase scene -- but tripped and fell to her death. When Lindy and crew cracked the case -- realizing Amy's demise was all an accident -- they broke the news to her partner-in-crime Max aboard the fateful ship. He didn't exactly take it well: The devastated brooder locked himself in the engine room and smashed open a gas pipe in an effort to kill himself.

"One spark and this place will blow," Tommy told a wide-eyed Lindy.

After a little begging and pleading, Tommy got inside the engine room and pulled Max out just before it exploded. But something really interesting happened when Lindy heard the kaboom: She exclaimed, "Oh my God… TOMMY!"


Later, the psychic arrived at the police station to sign some official statements. By then, Tommy had realized she wasn't a total fraud: after all, she'd warned Amy to "stay away from the water" -- and the teen's official cause of death was drowning. In what was perhaps an act of faith, Tommy showed her a picture of Lindy's missing sister.

"[She's] alive…that's all I can tell you," the woman said.

And if that wasn't the biggest news EVER, there was more: When Lindy arrived -- and Tommy looked at her from across the room -- the psychic said, "Tell her."

"Tell her what?" Tommy asked.

"The thing you've been keeping a secret," the medium replied. "She might be the one you've been looking for… Anyone half-awake can see how much you care about that girl."

Well, after another action-packed episode of "Eye Candy," we're MORE than half-awake -- and we agree with the psychic. But what do you think? Does Tommy have a thing for Lindy? And what about our fearless heroine? When the engine room when *boom*, her first thought was Tommy. Do you think that's a sign she's fallen for him? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to watch another episode of "Eye Candy" next Monday at 10/9c!