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Kanye West Raps About North, Snapchat And D--k Pics On Big Sean's 'Blessings'

'I swear to God, I hope they post it.'

Big Sean's third album, Dark Sky Paradise, arrives in February, and we're very thankful for the new music he's been feeding us. His latest release, "Blessings," features Drake (rapping and on the hook), plus Kanye West, who #blessed us with a verse that's a far cry from "Only One."

All three rappers count their blessings on the track, but that's only the beginning. Drake also makes it clear that he's trying to collect some cash soon, and we can't help but wonder if he's talking about Lil Wayne's lawsuit against Cash Money, which he's included in.

  • Drake wants to collect some checks
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    “If we’re back from something there’s some checks you owe us/ I expect that payment, nothing less or over,” he spits. “I don’t need them favors that you asked me for/I could give two f–ks about where the Grammys go/ I just gave out Grammys on my Instagram, them OVO boys the business, man.”

  • Someone's tryna compromise Kanye's condom size?
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    “Since the truth keep n—as traumatized, they tryna compromise my condom size," 'Ye spits. "So I Snapchat that whole sh-t/ Tryna see titties, tryna show d–k/ And I swear to God I hope that post it — I’m blessed.”

  • We've been traumatized by d–k pics, so let’s get to kids and school
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    “Right now I’m calling you from my home gym/ Right after that n—a I’m gon’ swim/ Just did a couple laps in my home pool/ And my daughter right there getting homeschooled/ I’m blessed.”

  • And it's not just any ol' school...

    “And I was thinkin’ ’bout startin’ up my own school/ A montessori/ And the hallway lookin’ like a monastery — Oh yes.”