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Jason Sudeikis Tells Us What His 'Fletch' Has In Common With Jason Bourne

And what does it have in common with 'The Hangover,' for that matter?

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

After years and years and years of talk, it seems like "Fletch" will actually live again.

At the Sundance Film Festival, "Sleeping with Other People" star Jason Sudeikis spoke with MTV about his attachment to "Fletch," a long-developing and slow-moving remake of the Chevy Chase comedy classic, based on the Gregory Mcdonald novels of the same name. And while there's still no official news yet, Sudeikis' description of the title character — an investigative reporter who gets in over his head time and time again — should have you pretty pumped up for the comedian's new identity.

"He's a smart-ass Jason Bourne," he said, "who doesn't remember where is because he's hungover — not because of anything else."

Sounds good to us! But is it good enough for the people responsible for making the film? Right now, the rights to the property are owned by Relativity, according to Sudeikis, and there's a rough draft of a script and "a good producer who knows the source material named Zack Schiller." Even without a director attached, Sudeikis is confident his "Fletch" will win where other attempts to reboot the property have not.

"It's got money and enthusiasm behind it," he said, adding that his version will rely even more on Mcdonald's books than the Chevy Chase films.

"Sleeping With Other People" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.