Move Over, Flirtual Killer: 'Eye Candy' Has A New Madman Called The Stowaway

Lindy and Tommy will have yet another threat on their hands on Monday night's episode.

For decades, New York City has attracted the world's top-tier artists and burgeoning musicians, but in the world of "Eye Candy," it's also become a hotbed of premiere monsters.

On Monday night's episode, the dreaded Flirtual Killer will take a back seat for a moment when a masked creature known as "The Stowaway" starts shaking up The Big Apple, and in the sneak peek below, it seems the shadowy creature's first order of business is to make a party bus a little less festive.

While struggling to uncover what became of a missing teenager named Amy, Lindy and Tommy stumble upon footage captured from within the bus, and the scene leaves them visibly shaken. Amy, who winds up grabbing hold of the GoPro, records The Stowaway running around the bus until the creature and Amy ultimately make contact, and the device drops to the floor. And then: silence.

"What the hell was that?!" a completely perturbed Lindy offers as the reel ends. And you thought stripper poles were the most dangerous facet to limo buses...

Is The Stowaway about to make the Flirtual killer look like child's play? Check out the video, and tune in to an all-new "Eye Candy" episode Monday night at 10/9c!