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Alison Brie And Ken Jeong Tell Us Why 'Community' Season 6 Is Not The Darkest Timeline

They got their sixth season, but what about that movie?

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Class is almost back in session for the students of Greendale Community College -- but Group Study Room F is going to look a little different this year when "Community" returns for its sixth year of learnin'.

This season -- which will premiere on Yahoo! Screen on March 17 -- the Greendale 7 are down to only four with the recent departure of series regular Yvette Nicole Brown. According to Alison Brie (Annie) and Ken Jeong (Chang), however, the Study Group is still going strong despite all of the changes.

Speaking to MTV News at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, Brie and Jeong filled us Human Beings in on what we can expect from season six. Brie -- who was at Sundance to promote her film "Sleeping With Other People" -- said the season "feels different," but not in that Darkest Timeline-kind of way.

"We're at a new studio and there's some new cast members," she said, referring to Greendale's latest implants Keith David and Paget Brewster. "And some old cast members have left. They peel off every year."

Jeong -- who was promoting his film "Advantageous" -- added that season six has been his "favorite season ever."

"There have been a couple of Chang moments that we've shot that are already my all-time favorites of the series," Jeong said.

Despite the major move from network television to Yahoo, creator Dan Harmon has pretty much kept "Community" the same, so don't expect any added nudity or profanity. (Although, those hoping to see Annie's Boobs may be in luck.)

"It's not like he's making it raunchy or dirty," said Jeong. "He's not changing anything. There's just that fresh energy of support. In his words, you almost have this opportunity to make it more British."

Does this mean we can expect more deadpan reactions from Jeff (Joel McHale), or will "Community" start to tackle more taboo topics? If anything, we can expect at least one Benedict Cumberbatch pun from Abed (Danny Pudi), right?

"There's never really any telling what Dan Harmon is up to," added Brie.

As for the future of the series, will "Community" live up to its promise of #SixSeasonsAndAMovie? Or will Yahoo Britta the whole thing?

"There's always talk about it," said Jeong, who added that Yahoo has been super supportive of the series.

"Our mantra is six seasons and a movie," Brie added. "So you never know."

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"Sleeping With Other People" and "Advantageous" are currently screening at the Sundance Film Festival.