Who Won Sundance 2015? Find Out With Our Park City Superlatives

Because life will always be high school.

The 2015 Sundance Film Festival may be coming to a close, but our obsession with its best and brightest stars is only just beginning. From the most attractive to the most changed and back again, here are MTV News' Sundance Superlatives, straight from Park City:

  1. Biggest Transformation -- Nick Offerman

    Is that Ron Swanson, or Dwight Schrute's long-lost lawn gnome cousin? You tell me.

  2. Most Likely To Be F--king Everywhere -- James Franco

    James Franco starred in two major Sundance movies -- "True Story" and "I Am Michael" -- but he also produced the Slamdance drama "Yosemite" and managed to show up at every single party the Park City festival had to offer.

  3. Hottest Up-And-Comer -- Charlie Carver

    After spending our Sunday with "Teen Wolf"/"I Am Michael" actor Carver, we're even more convinced that he's the one to watch.

  4. Most Attractive -- This Kitten
    Jack Dempsey/Invision for Catdance/AP Images

    The Catdance star made everybody else in Hollywood look like an ug-mo.

  5. Tallest Drink Of Water -- Alexander Skarsgård

    Fact: You have to take a chair lift to reach the top of Alexander Skarsgård.

  6. Best Shailene Woodley Impression -- Olivia Cooke

    Cooke wore the "I just finished playing a cancer patient" look well.

  7. Hottest Mama -- Connie Britton

    The "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" star celebrated her son's birthday in Park City. Awwwwww.

  8. Coolest Lady-Duo -- Brooklyn Decker and Cobie Smulders

    Girl-crush potential for the "Results" cast is off the charts.

  9. Other Coolest Lady-Duo -- Hailee Steinfeld and Gina Rodriguez

    They might not be working together like Smulders and Decker, but their adorable lady-hug game is also off the charts.

  10. Best Sweater Game -- Lena Dunham and Brie Larson (tie)

    Their grandmothers should be proud.

  11. Cutest Couple -- Mindy Kaling and Eli Roth

    Okay, okay, so they're not a real couple -- but this eskimo kiss pic makes us wish they were.

  12. Best Use of Peter Pan Syndrome -- David Arquette

    When you attend a Lipton Sparking Iced Tea party, obviously your main goal is to jump in the ball pit.

  13. Best Lumbersexual -- Ryan Reynolds

    Lumber game on fleek.