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23 Pieces Of Motherly Advice From The Crazy Jewish Mom Instagram

She just wants you to know she cares.

Sometimes moms pry into your private business. Sometimes they horrendously misspell their texts to you or freak out after you don't answer the phone. And then there's Kate's mom, who does all of the above and then some.

Last November, Kate started documenting her mom's over-the-top antics on an Instagram account called Crazy Jewish Mom. Her mother loves sharing her opinions and, well, let's just say subtlety is NOT this mom's strong point. Check out her sage advice on a variety of topics below.

  1. On finding a husband:
  2. On emergency survival tactics:
  3. On being sick:
  4. On your boyfriend being sick:

    She refers to her daughter's boyfriend as "Superjew." Yes, really.

  5. On your living situation:
  6. On your eating habits:
  7. On weekend wear:
  8. On your new Facebook pic she hates:
  9. On your new Facebook pic she likes:
  10. On corsets:
  11. On personal safety:
  12. On birth control:
  13. On why drinking is bad for you:
  14. On how to impress men:
  15. On bras:
  16. On suitable underwear:
  17. On anniversaries:
  18. On matchmaking:
  19. On living together:
  20. On hair:
  21. On reproduction:
  22. On birthdays:

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