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See The 17 'Ridiculous' Actors Joining Adam Sandler's Netflix Movie

Basically everyone on the planet is in this movie.

Adam Sandler is gearing up to make the first movie in his four-film deal with Netflix, and we now have some details — and they are ridiculous.

Ridiculous, as in, that's the name of the movie: "Ridiculous 6," a Western starring Sandler and pretty much everybody else on Earth. Okay, not quite that many people, but a lot of people you know and love.

Take a look at the cast of Sandler's "Ridiculous 6," each of them in remarkably ridiculous form:

  1. First up: Adam Sandler. Duh.

    Also, shampoo is clearly better. Duh, again.

  2. The Wild West needs abs.

  3. Interesting fact about Blake Shelton: he has a constant itch about four inches above his actual head.

  4. Behold, as she performs the Steve Urkell.

  5. Always a little bit ridiculous to see a grown man cry.

  6. The original bad Santa.

  7. A big Fozzie Bear of a man.

  8. And he's reaping alllllllllllllllll of the benefits…

  9. Someone give this man a hand. Or even an arm.

  10. Pretty sweet pay day for an Adam Sandler movie.

  11. This is not the craziest or most ridiculous thing he's ever said, but it's close.

  12. Also not the craziest or most ridiculous thing he's ever said, and actually not close — but you can do the "Deuce Bigalow" and "The Hot Chick" googling for yourself.

  13. I bet Sandler is glad he called that guy.

  14. Hey, that's Oh-ned-ders.

  15. Ten seconds, MacGruber!

  16. Don't stare too long! You'll get sucked into the pec pop vortex of doom! Noooo!

  17. Not the Ninja Turtles

    But the dude dancing behind them so nice, nice, baby.

  18. And… Nick Nolte?

    This isn't actually that ridiculous, but the definitive ridiculous Nick Nolte picture is kind of mean.