Alex Zalben/MTV News

Can You Guess The Sundance Celebrity Snowbunny? Take Our Quiz

You know what they look like in bikinis - but can you spot them in their parkas?

When you go to the Sundance Film Festival, spotting a celebrity snowbunny in their head-to-toe, bundled up winter attire is almost as fun as seeing the films themselves. So when these celebs headed to MTV News to discuss their latest projects, we thought we'd try something new: we had them cover up their faces like it was the blizzard of 2015 all over again to test their fans' Hollywood knowledge.

So, what will it be -- are you an A-plus celebrity spotter, meant for a life of paparazzi-style stalkage, or are you the type that sits next to Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway for 20 minutes and doesn't notice? Take our quiz to find out!