Snowed In? Binge-Watch The Time Away With These 11 Netflix Options

Make the most of your blizzard experience.

A wise man once said, "Winter is coming." Well, it's officially here, at least on the East Coast, as a blizzard rips through the coming days to make sure everyone is good and snowed in.

But just because you're snowed in doesn't mean you can't get things done. Heck, there's a lot you can accomplish — with nothing more than a Netflix subscription, a comfy seat, and your eyeballs!

As we all hunker down for the next few days uttering "blizzard-be-gone" over and over through chattered teeth, let's take stock of some of the best binge-watching options Netflix currently has to offer:

  1. All of the Batman

    Well, not Tim Burton's first "Batman," but the subsequent three movies — "Batman Returns," "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin" — are all on Netflix, but only until February. Which means you only have one week to stare at George Clooney's bat-nipples one final time. Get to work.

  2. Bond-a-thon

    Three of the great Bond movies are fleeing Netflix next month as well: "For Your Eyes Only," "From Russia with Love" and "Goldfinger." Watch them alongside our extensive Bond-a-thon series if you're looking for extra intel on all of Agent 007's bountiful list of kisses and kills.

  3. "Panic Room"

    Feeling shut in? Don't we all. But it could be worse. Instead of snow piling up outside your door, it could be Jared Leto with cornrows and a gun. That's a scarier threat than most things, blizzards included. Get one last look at Leto's ridiculous "Panic Room" hair before the movie leaves Netflix next month.

  4. "Dredd"

    Likewise, Karl Urban's iron-jawed turn in the criminally underviewed "Dredd" hits the brakes on Netflix next month, and with its premise of a helmeted lawman busting his way through a locked-up tenement building, you'll feel a lot better about your snow-imposed isolation over the next couple of days.

  5. "The Interview"

    If you haven't seen Seth Rogen and James Franco's historic and controversial takedown of the Kim Jong-un regime, and you have a Netflix account, you now have no excuse. The movie is finally available on the streaming service, so take some time over the next day to see all the "Fireworks" that everyone's talking about.

  6. "MI-5"

    The British spy series, known as "Spooks" across the pond, has all 10 seasons currently available on Netflix — emphasis on currently. Like many of the above contenders, "MI-5" shuffles off of Netflix in about a week, so now's your last chance to hook into the show that's basically British "24." (You know, aside from "24: Live Another Day," which was literally British "24," but I digress.)

  7. "Black Mirror"

    The threat of Netflix pulling all of its BBC shows has been canceled, thankfully, but that doesn't mean you should snooze on some of the greats, especially the buzz-worthy "Black Mirror." Essentially a modern age "Twilight Zone," each episode presents a different setting, story, and cast — including "Agent Carter" star Hayley Atwell and "Mad Men" main man Jon Hamm — making this an incredibly easy series to drift in and out of.

  8. "The Fall"

    Another series that's not going anywhere anytime soon, the BBC thriller sees Gillian Anderson as an investigator looking into the case of a serial killer named Paul Spector, played by Jamie Dornan. No better time than now to see another side of the future Christian Grey. (Although, uh, you'll probably see most sides of Dornan by the time "Fifty Shades" hits theaters in a few weeks.)

  9. "The Blacklist"

    There are plenty of reasons to catch up on the NBC thriller about one of the world's most wanted criminals working with an FBI task force to take down even deadlier villains. For one, if you're a Marvel fan, it'll give you tremendous insight into what James Spader is going to bring to the titular cybernetic menace in "Avengers: Age of Ultron." For another, there's a big "Blacklist" midseason premiere planned for after the Super Bowl this year. Whatever Red Reddington has up his sleeve for after the big game, it's sure to make Deflate-Gate look even sillier than it already does.

  10. "Lilyhammer"

    The Netflix original series sees "Sopranos" star and Bruce Springsteen guitarist Steven Van Zandt playing a mobster sent to live in Norway after being put in witness protection. It might not be quite as bingeable as "Orange is the New Black" or "House of Cards," but it'll make you appreciate the meaning of true cold.

  11. "Friends"

    You probably know it's on Netflix already, but in case you don't, it's there. This is the one you watch if all you need is to chill out with some hot soup, turn your brain off and watch the television equivalent of comfort food.