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Ed Sheeran's VH1 'Storytellers' Concert Was A Return To The Bar That Inspired His Career

Watch Ed shared the backstories behind some of his incredible hits at the intimate concert in a small, Dublin bar.

Last night in Dublin, Ed Sheeran performed an incredible, eclectic set (what else would we expect from him??) to kick off a brand new season of VH1's "Storytellers" series at Whelan's Bar.

But this wasn't just any other bar, Sheeran shared a memory of watching Damien Rice play at the bar, and how that performance inspired him to write his first song.

Throughout the evening, Sheeran played a variety of songs from last year's X but he kicked off the concert with his breakout track and crowd favorite "The A Team."

He literally pulled out his diary to recount the story of writing the song:

After revealing some of the background about the song, Sheeran performed a moving rendition:

During the concert, Sheeran told the Irish crowd that his song "I'm A Mess" was "pretty much a knee jerk reaction" to coming home from lengthy international tours and trying to get his normal life back together.

Yet, when he flawlessly performed it right after, it's hard to imagine Sheeran as anything but the casually cool musician who has the entire place relating to his own stress.

You can barely hear Ed over the crowd singing along on this self-deprecating one.

Still, it was probably his searing rendition of "Don't"—which has sparked plenty of rumors about who inspired it—that resonated most with the ecstatic crowd.

Between that addicting riff and Ed's dance moves, what's not to love??

In case you missed it last night, watch the entire show via VH1 here.