The Dos And Don'ts Of Romance, Courtesy Of 'Harry Potter'

You're a boyfriend now, Harry.

Valentine's Day can be tricky business for even the sweetest of sweeties, 'cause peeps, there are a lot of rules to abide by on the Day of Love. So, unless you plan on wearing a purple-black combo sweatshirt and boycotting the whole institution altogether, you better learn 'em.

The good news is you don't have to look any further than Hogwarts to get the lowdown on how to treat your special someone like magic.

Read on to find out what our "Harry Potter" pals have to teach us about what's right and wrong in the world of lurrrrrve.

  1. Don't stoop to using love potion, first of all.

    As our trusty sidekick Ron found out the hard way, you can't force it. Don't try.

    (But if you do use love potion, please for the love of Snitch make sure it gets to the right person.)

  2. Don't wait until a girl already has a boyfriend to ask her out.

    Harry waited just a touch too long and lost his big chance with Cho. He might've been a Tri-Wizard champ too, but it was make-the-move Cedric who won the girl.

  3. And definitely don't make a move right after said girl's boyfriend has been taken down by the Big Bad.

    It's just bad form. And you're bound to be dealing with some inopportune waterworks.

  4. Do go after your best friend's little sister.

    ... but only if you've slayed a giant basilisk to save her. 'Cause heroes and such.

  5. Don't go crushing on some ghost guy who appears to you via invisible ink.

    Also, if you're not a member of the world of witchcraft and wizardry, you should probably seek professional help if this is happening to you.

  6. Do tell pervy ghosts to step off.
    Warner Bros

    (Probably best to just stay away from the non-living all together, really.)

  7. Do be willing to overlook a guy's minor flaws.

    Fleur was able to overlook Bill Weasley's battle scars and wolf-like appetite. 'Cause those are minor details in the grand scheme, yeah?

  8. Don't be afraid to ask for that dance.

    It might be the start of something special. Just look how it worked out for Hagrid and his Madame Maxime.

  9. Don't make excessively irritating nicknames for each other.

    'Cause it's gross.

  10. Do be friends with a guy first.

    And don't rule out the possibility that Mr./Mrs. Perfect has been right under your nose this whole time.

  11. Don't scamper off to the woods alone with your best friend's gal.
    Warner Bros.

    Even if it is on official business.

  12. Don't let jealousy run wild with your imagination.

    S/he really might be just friends with that So-and-So. Don't jump to conclusions just yet.

  13. Do be cool about being the third wheel once in a while.

    Just because your pals are a "couple" doesn't mean you don't belong. Most of the time.

  14. Don't hide who you are (and who you love).

    Haters gonna hate. Ignore 'em.

  15. ... But don't be too full of yourself.

    An over-inflated ego is just not attractive, got it?

  16. Do be there when s/he needs a little extra TLC.

    Squeezin' equals pleasin'.

  17. Don't be cruel to the guy who didn't get the girl.

    Showboating is not sexy. Ya heard?

  18. Don't harbor an all-consuming, unrequited love for a woman 'til the day she dies and then punish her only child for your failure to act.
    Warner Bros.

    See also No. 2 above.