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Meet Hot Sugar, The Producer Who Is Soundtracking Your Favorite 'Broad City' Moments

Nick Koening is one of the major forces behind the music that helps create the 'Broad City' universe.

"Broad City" has returned for a second season to the delight of pretty much everyone who has ever seen the incredible comedic chemistry between its stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. But plenty of those moments wouldn't pack the same hilarious punch if it weren't for the soundtrack setting the mood in each scene. Enter NYC­-based producer/musician Nick Koening, who is responsible for the bulk of the show's score.

Koening told The Wall Street Journal that "Broad City" music supervisor Matt FX had reached out to him prior to the start of season one for some contributions.

"I give 'Broad City' a cross section of my work from the beginning to [present day] – and without telling them what track is from when, they always pick from a very specific, acute time-frame that might have been a bit more reckless in my life," Koening said. "It’s funny that they’re attached to a certain part of my life."

A lot of the compositions featured in "Broad City"—including the short snippet that soundtracks part of the hectic subway scene on last week's season two premiere episode—are songs that he made four or five years ago. But Koening is on the cusp of releasing his new album, God’s Hand, in February, which he describes as less "boom-bappy" than the work used in the show.

How does it feel to hear his music on one of the most beloved TV shows of the moment? Frankly, it's distracting.

"To be honest, when one of my songs comes on out of nowhere I get excited and lose focus," he said. "I end up missing a joke and it can get frustrating."

Luckily, we're living in the age of the Internet, so Nick can probably just run the scene back and watch again for the jokes, right?

To hear more from Hot Sugar, check out the "Broad City" mega mix he made for The Wall Street Journal below.