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Watch Tokio Hotel Explain A Decade Of Their Best And Most Horrible Fashion Choices, Starting From 2005

Spoiler alert: they didn't always color coordinate!

Everyone has those photos in their timeline, the ones where you are like, "what was I thinking?" Now imagine being in Tokio Hotel's universe, where your look changes practically every six months, and this year's spiked hair and silver jacket is last year's oversized jersey.

MTV News sat down with the Kings Of Suburbia and asked them to play fashion flashback with their old photos. Thankfully they were totally game to explain their best and most questionable looks.

VIVA Comet Awards, Oberhausen, Germany, 2005

Getty Images Entertainment/ Juergen Schwarz

Bill Kaulitz: It was our first awards show... obviously we didn't talk about what we were going to wear. We just put on whatever... I wouldn't wear that again, but I like that picture a lot. I can see the excitement.

Music Meets Media, Romania, 2006

Getty Images Entertainment/Andreas Rentz

Kaulitz: I'm wearing a Dior jacket, and it's actually a nice jacket... but the rest is horrible.

Cinema For Peace, Berlin, 2007

German Select/Franziska Krug

Kaulitz: That's actually not bad. I would probably wear that again... I don't like the hair anymore, but I think the outfit is not too bad.

"TRL," New York, 2008

FilmMagic/George Napolitano

Kaulitz: That was in America. We were there performing, and I like my orange jacket! I hate the t-shirt now.

2009 MTV EMA, Berlin

Getty Images Entertainment/ Dave Hogan - MTV

Kaulitz: I like our outfits. I think they are cool. I like Gustav's blonde hair, I like him like that.

VIVA Comet Awards, Oberhausen, Germany, 2010

Getty Images Entertainment

Kaulitz: Great outfit, I'm wearing Dior again.

MTV Video Music Aid Japan, 2011

Getty Images Entertainment/Hikaru Ogawa

Kaulitz: I'm wearing Givenchy. That's in Japan. I hate Georg's outfit, but mine is great.