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Apparently Stevie Wonder Did A Live Remix Of Kendrick Lamar's 'i'

Sadly, that doesn't mean we get to hear it.

Kendrick Lamar has gotten plenty of co-signs throughout his career, but his latest surely has to be one of his greatest.

"Kendrick Lamar is extremely talented," Stevie Wonder told GQ." But not only is he just talented; he has a real concern for the people."

The 64-year-old wasn't just speaking generally, either. Stevie seemed to be making a reference to K. Dot's recent single promoting self-love, "i" -- since he apparently broke out singing it.

As the story's writer explains: "It's at this point in our conversation that Stevie jams out to his own rendition of Kendrick's new single, 'i,' his braids bouncing into motion, the wattage of his huge smile going up a few notches as he uses all four limbs to tap out different rhythms to the song. He turns 'i' into the Stevie Wonder version of Kendrick Lamar -- as though everything that goes into his ears gets remixed before it comes out again."

Wow. What's it gonna take for us to get an official Stevie Wonder remix of "i"? Kendrick? Stevie? Someone at TDE? Is anyone listening? Let's make this happen.

And who knows, maybe there's a shot. After all, there were rumors last year that Kendrick and Stevie had gotten into the studio together. Maybe something from those sessions will show up on his new album?

Beyond just liking (and, apparently, performing) the Compton rapper's music, the legendary singer seems to believe in him -- and others like him -- as important cultural figures for a new generation.

"The good thing about the young is that they want to fix things," he added, again with respect to Kendrick. "They don't want to fall into the same ol' bullsh-t."