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Katy Perry Donated $5K To The TLC Kickstarter -- Can You Say Sleepover With T-Boz?

Mom and dad won't be there, so turn it up!

Katy Perry loves TLC. Not in that way that we all a bit hyped when "No Scrubs" comes on or do our little "Waterfalls" dance in our heads when we see that video. No, she's willing to put her money where her mouth is.

One day into TLC's fan-funded Kickstarter campaign to finance their final album, KP ponied up $5,000 to help Chilli and T-Boz realize their dream, according to E! News.

With nearly a month still left to go, the campaign could not be going better. More than 1,500 people had donated $162,012 at press time, pushing past the original $150,000 goal in record time.

But more importantly, what does Katy's $5K get her? Oh, no big deal, just a TLC Slumber Party with T-Boz.

Check the description: "Get ready to stay up late with T-BOZ. We'll put on our jambes, order some late night snacks, and have some #TLCPillowTalk. Mom and Dad won't be there, so there's no need to keep the volume down. Plus, the vinyl, TLC scrapbook, dance school, fantail, digital album, our list of favorite songs and Kickstarter exclusive remix!"

The ladies really appreciate it.